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 A vampire's lust for blood(Hellsing related Rp)

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PostSubject: A vampire's lust for blood(Hellsing related Rp)   Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:21 pm

Everything was going back normal after what happen few years back, England started build itself back up with new visitors came to help them but nothing feels right anymore with the remaining vampires, Seras is still training under Alucard; while Saya the daywalker hasn't really appearing that much since a war was going on with the nazi ghouls and other nazi vampire. Saya stay in the shadows of the night until someone needs her or at least needs her, her eyes were easy to spot blink of an eye but after someone sees her; she'll disappear.

Looks in other forms:
Theme Song:

Nickname:Sai, Daywalker, demon princess.


Age:two thousand years-old(Or least younger then Alucard.)

Species:Vampire, some say she's a demon spawn


Looks in other forms:

Crush:Alucard, well maybe

History:Saya is the first born making her oldest in her family, her mother was a human and her father was a vampire making her a half-blooded vampire but she refuse to became full vampire because she couldn't bare witness to bite her mother. Saya also refuse to travel with her father that wanted to move away from England once or twice, however she took care of her brother and sister.

Other:Take care her siblings.

Weapons:Pistols, sword, knife.

Powers:Shape-shifting into a dragon, phoenix or a demon dog, summoning fire if she wanted to.

Theme Song:The One by Elena Siegman
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A vampire's lust for blood(Hellsing related Rp)
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